Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Roberts fishing, hunting program temporarily suspended

(From the Paso Robles Press

Camp Roberts has suspended its fishing and hunting program for the rest of 2011 and for most of 2012 due to several new construction projects on base.

“Temporary closure of the camp’s fishing and hunting program is essential to facilitate construction and ensure safety of the public during the construction period,” said Colonel Barbara A. Nuismer, Camp Roberts Garrison commander.

Additionally, plans are in the works with San Luis Obispo County, Caltrans and construction contractors to ensure that the high volume of equipment coming to the installation does not affect the surrounding residents or impact normal traffic flow.

Officials anticipate fishing and hunting will resume once the construction is completed near the end of 2012. These programs on Camp Roberts are open to the public and are operated by the State Fish and Game Department. Last year, close to 6,000, mostly on weekends, came on base to fish and hunt.

To gain further information on the program closure and construction progress, please contact Suzi Thomas at 238-8308 or or Major Jonathan Shiroma at 916-854-3391 or

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